October 31, 2011

In the Distance

One of the best 'lil-bit-jazzy song that I can write so far, moved by love, inspired by the one whom I loved but now I'm officially missing her...schade, aber was soll's.

I was at the airport in that moment she called me on the phone. She cried so much like never before. It crushed my heart so deeply. I wished I were there beside her to calm her and tell her what I describe now here in this song. It was hard for me, but I have to go to finish what I have already started.

But ever since then we still in relationship even "In the Distance". Until one day...
She wanted to go...away from me.

And as time goes by my very best friend Yohanna Nainggolan asked me again to join her second newly-released album called Bintang.

this song I always dedicated for her...
well then...last but not least...curious how it looks like? you guys can order the album or download it from the the official site >here<

In the Distance

#Music & Lyrics by Oscar Manalu
#Copyright 2011 by Oscar Manalu

sing,, sing for me one song
I wish I can stop the time and stay any longer

come... sit awhile with me
and I will wipe away the tears from your face

now the time has come to leave you
but babe I hate to go..what a life to take

close... close your eyes I'll be on my way
and you are always on my mind everywhere I go

let me see the smile on your face
let me see it through your eyes
let me hold you like I'll never let go,
cause love will stay even in the distance

tell me that you'll wait for me
I tell you I'm happy that you're mine

July 28, 2011

masalah itu seperti ikan besar dalam wajan kecil,
tidak perlu cemas,, potong saja kecil-kecil...

"I can do all this through Him who gives me strength" ~Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

July 27, 2011

No one will question your integrity
if your integrity is not questionable

# Nathaniel Bronner Jr

May 04, 2011


by othephe

aku menceritakanmu kepada burung-burung
tentang wajahmu, tentang indahmu..wahai pujaan hatiku...
kepada langit, kepada udara, kepada siang dan malam
tentang namamu...wahai bintang malamku...

tapi tentangku...
mengapa tentangku kau enggan bercerita kepada telinga,
kepada singa jantan yang lapar,
kepada mata yang memujamu selain aku...

adakah aku sesungguhnya milikmu...
adakah benar aku diam dipikiranmu...

terangkanlah padaku...
biar aku mengerti maksutmu...

jangan tanyakan aku,
tentang mengapa aku selalu mampu membuatmu tersenyum
tentang apa yang membuatku tetap berdiri untukmu
setelah perih yang kau buat...

katakanlah padaku...

atau ini hanya ilusiku saja
tentang cinta yang ku puja
ternyata mimpi...